Thursday, May 10, 2018

Here in East Texas, we have hit the 90-degree mark for 2 days! If that does not feel like summer then I am not sure what does!
When its hot like this I love to try and turn the oven on as little as possible! We have not had a grill since we have been married and this past weekend we got one! The perks of not living in an apartment anymore are great and this is one of them!

We have grilled out twice since then and are planning to grill out tonight for supper! We have done steak, hot dogs, and tonight plan to do hamburgers! 
I can't wait to grill some chicken breast soon and I snagged a pack of Classic Braughts the other day and plan to use them soon as well!

I love to grill veggies too! There are so many ways to grill them!

A nice soft char on some veggies is just oh too good! Corn is the best on the grill!
Peppers are also another great one to lay directly on the grill and get a char on them!

I want to try and grill some fruit soon! Peaches would be super yummy! The sugar in the peach would help crisp them up some and you could pull them off and eat it with some ice cream!

How do you like to grill? We got a propane grill and that is what we prefer but allot of people love to charbroil grills! 

Leave us a comment letting us know what your favorite thing to grill is!

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Taco's are a staple in my house! We live in Texas and there is a Taco truck on every corner it feels like! Plus we have your normal big chain taco stores!
But to be honest with you there is nothing better than a good homemade taco!

I grew up with build your own taco nights and that is what we do in our house now! It is an easy and quick meal but also super filling and yummy! I set all the ingredients out on my counter and everyone can snag a plate and make their tacos how they want! 

This is my go-to meal for when company comes over as well! I love it cause if anyone is not a fan of a veggie or such they can just choose to leave it off!!

We use both flour and corn tortillas! I love flour and my husband loves corn! He does like the flour when I fry them tho!

We sometimes will get hard shells as well! That is usually more for my husband but I like them too sometimes! What are you favorite shells?

I love to chop stuff up to put on the tacos! We usually always have chicken or a beef plus then all the good veggies! 
I love to have a few lemons and limes around for taco night!
We also love chopped tomatoes, avocado, and a good purple onion!

Usually, we have salsa and sour cream to top things off! 
I always try and have chips out and then we do salsa or guacamole to dip!

What are your favorites for Taco night at your house? Is there something that is a staple for it that you cant go without on your taco?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

*All opinions in this post are my own! I was given a 3-day free sample but was not paid for this post*

I was given a 3-day sample of Revital U to try! I loved the idea of opening a packet and just dumping and mixing and I was done!

I tried mine with both cold and hot water and liked them both ways! I do not like crazy strong coffee and these were so good!

You can get this is a tub like shown above or in these cool packets that are already set to go! You can carry them with you wherever!

Revital U is 100% Arabic Coffee and has allot of great ingredients including some that are found in Green Tea as well!
Revital U has been known to help with energy and weight loss! I only had a 3-day sample so I cannot say that this was true for me but they do suggest that you take it for 14 days to see best results!

There are some yummy ways to mix this up and not just be a normal coffee drink! Let me share a few with you that I found sound super good!

If you are interested in trying a sample or even jumping in and going for a 14 day supply please feel free to contact Sabrina Drewery! All her contact info is below!

Sabrina thank you so much for the samples and letting me test this product for you!
Yall should contact her and get some samples!! It's really good stuff!!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I am a big fan of fresh fruits and vegetables! Not only are they healthy for you but they are so much better fresh rather than canned in my opinion! 

Let me share just a few of my favorites and why I like them!


These are my top favorite fruit! You can do so much with them! From just a snack to smoothies they are the best! My boys love them as well! These are also great to cut and freeze!
If you notice yours are about to go bad I have learned that making them into jam is super good! They are much sweeter right at that almost going out point and work great for jam!
Around here I try and wait till they are in season to buy them! There cheaper then and I find they are fresher!


We eat so many of these in my house! A healthy fat and oh so good for you! I love to slice them and put on salads or on hamburgers! We eat a lot of tacos as well and do allot of guacamole too! 
A tip I just learned not long ago is if you get hard avocados you can put them in a paper bag on the counter for a few days and they will ripen!


I LOVE these in yogurt! These are so healthy for you and I love the tang they have too! These are also wonderful in jam or even smashed with some sugar heated on the stove them put over waffles!


I love how sweet a cooked carrot is! I love to just roast them with some salt and pepper. I also love to chop them down and add some honey and brown sugar to them!

Here are a few other favorites!


I can not wait for spring to get here so I can plant a garden this year! The best is fresh from your own garden for sure!

What fruits and vegetables are your favorites to use?

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Monday, February 5, 2018

I am super excited to have my first ever guest post today! I have known Whitney for a little over a year now and I asked her to share what planner she uses and the things she loves about it!
There will be more guest post like this to come so keep watching!
So without further delay, I will turn this post over to Whitney! Enjoy!

------   ------   ------   ------   ------

Hi, Y'all! My name is Whitney Berber! I am a stay at home momma to my two year old, full of sass, but oh so incredible daughter! I’ve been married to my handsome guy for nearly 4 years now!
 I love to plan out and organize everything going on in my life, from playdates, church events, meal plans, and more! However, no matter how hard I try, my 24-year-old self just cannot figure out how to work technology well enough to utilize any sort of apps to schedule everything! So, I keep myself organized and scheduled using the good old pen and paper route! I use a planner called the Happy Planner by a company called Me & My Big Ideas. I absolutely love it! 

The style of Happy Planner I have is called Faith. There are a few different styles, including basic, student, and teacher. I chose Faith because I just love the scriptures throughout, the encouraging words, and the cover page for each month! I love to look back and see where my heart was during a certain month, to be able to see what I was praying for, and how those prayers were answered!

 So how in the world do I use this thing? I’ll tell ya! When I open up my month at a glance page, I like to have it decorated. I like to use washi tape (which I purchase from a mixture of Amazon, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s!) to decorate the page up, I also use stickers (which I purchase from Amazon, I use the Me & My Big Ideas brand, but various different books of them), and different colored pens to help keep me organized! 

The Happy Planner also has a week at a glance feature, where I can utilize three separate sections per day to schedule out my crazy life! I don’t always have something going on, so some days, my days seem pretty empty, but a couple of things that you will always see on each day’s schedule is my scripture of the day (SOTD) for me to use to do my scripture writing and my dinner menu! Because I make the same thing for breakfast most days and I heat up leftovers for lunch, dinner is typically the only meal I need to plan!

 Speaking of meals! That is another one of my FAVORITE things about this planner! There are different extensions you can purchase to add to your planner! I have a couple! First, let’s chat about the notes extension! I purchased a note paper extension on Amazon, it was fairly cheap. It included 20 sheets (front and back) of regular note paper, like you’d see in a journal, and 20 sheets (front and back) of graph paper! I use the note paper for taking notes, writing out scriptures, even writing down songs we sing at church or reminders to schedule something. It’s been a great help in having something to write down my thoughts as I have them, instead of hoping I’ll remember them! 

The graph paper, I use for recipes! I love to cook, just ask anyone who knows me. You just had a baby? Let me cook for you! You want to bring your kids over for a playdate? Sure thing, but I’m going to cook for you! It’s just what I do! However, while I love cooking, I have so many thoughts during the day, I can’t possibly remember all the recipes for all the things I love to try! So I grab some washi tape and some colorful pens, and when I find a recipe that I’ve tried and loved, I write it down! It’s like my own personal, take wherever I want to go, handwritten cookbook! Which is fun when I travel to visit family because when we want to try something new for dinner, my cookbook is already with me!

 The other extension I have in my planner is a budget planning extension. I also purchased this on Amazon, also the brand Me & My Big Ideas.

 I utilize this one to keep track of the bills I need to pay, the income our family receives, any expenses we have, whether it be a need or a want, and a savings plan.

 This helps to keep our family budget on track and remembering how much we can actually save by only purchasing things we need, not things we want.

 In closing, I just want to say, if you are like me and hate trying to figure out technology, in my opinion, the Happy Planner is the way to go! I purchased mine from Michael’s!
 The Faith planner isn’t a traditional January to December planner. You actually purchase the kit and are given stickers to start with whatever month you choose, so my planner actually goes from September to August!
 I hope that you’ve learned a little bit about how to utilize a traditional planner and how much fun you can have with it! 

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

If you have all boys or even just one boy I am sure you can relate to this post!
The picture above is of a t shirt I have! I love it cause it is so true! For me I only have 2 boys! So there is not bows, frills, Barbie Dolls, and such like that around my house!
Instead I pick up Hot Wheel cars and my son runs at me growling like a Dinosaur because they are his favorite!
We do rocks, sticks, dirts, and puppy dogs allot in this house!
Would I love a girl? Sure, and maybe some day I will have one! But for now I love being a Boy Mom!

As a boy mom I am shaping a future Husband and Daddy! I may not be teaching makeup or how to braid hair but we learn about bugs, we study sticks, and we play in rock piles!

Here are a few things I have learned in my short time as a Boy Mom:

We Eat Allot!
Sometimes its a million snacks a day! Other times its cleaning the plate and wanting more! And most the time we love Dino Chicken Nuggets! Favorite snacks are almost any flavor of cereal!

We Are Always Dirty!
Yes,even me! Between dirt, food, drool, boogers, and dumping the dogs food and water bowl over for the millionth time I change allot of cloths! And then that also tells you we do allot of laundry!

Everything Must Make Noise!
The cars and trucks have to make noise even if that means you make the noise for it! Dinosaurs rawer, doggies bark and so on! There is a noise for everything!

Outside Time Is The Best!
My boys love to play outside! We carry sticks around, pick thru rock piles, and inspect the bugs!

I love the bugs,dirt, boogers and more! But the real reason I love those things is because I love the sweet boys that are behind them! I would not trade being a boy mom for anything!
So if you are a boy mom out there struggling with the dirt and bugs, remember you are not alone and all the dirt and bugs are just what makes your sweet boy!!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

When you're working on being healthy, water is a big big thing! But sometimes plain water gets old and you want to spice it up some!
I love fruit infused water! Its yummy, healthy, and has so many great things it can help you with!
Depending on the fruits and herbs you add to it, they can do different things for you!!
Here are a few combinations for you!

*Blood sugar Support and Digestion - Cucumbers, Strawberries and Kiwi.
*Appetite Control - Cucumbers, Lemons, Limes.
*Immune Booster - Lemons, Oranges, Mint.

Here is a recipe that sounds super yummy!

I made some up this afternoon! We have a Water Pitcher with a infuser in it and we have really enjoyed using it! 

I cut up half of a grapefruit and a whole lemon. I suggest rolling them around a bit before you cut them. This gets the juice really stirred up and makes for a heavier infused water!

I stuffed the infuser as full as I could before I put it in! Then put the pitcher in the fridge to let the water get cold and infuse it even better!

This combination is very fresh! I love the taste! It has a very tart taste but the grapefruit really come thru! I would have added mint but did not have any in the house!
If you use a pitcher like I have you, can refill a few times! Just keep an eye on the fruit! Another great way to drink these would be to just throw the fruit directly into your glass, mason jar, water bottle or pitcher!

What fruit infused water combination have you tried or think would be good? I would love to hear what you think!

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

I have been a momma for a little over 3 years now! My oldest is 3 years and my youngest is 17 months! I have always wanted to be a mother and most days I love it! But if you are a mother or have been a mother you know that some days can be harder then others!

Motherhood can be long sleepless nights, crying demanding tiny humans, snot, poop, and puke! Sometimes as mothers we put ourselves aside, hair, makeup, and showers, to take care of the little ones! 

Some days it is hard to decide between washing the pile of dirty dishes or taking a nap when the kiddos are down for naps! Sometimes we just want to sit down and watch our favorite show on Netflix and not worry about the clothes that need washed and folded!
We can be torn between a clean house and spending time with the kids before they grow up too fast right before our eyes!

Babies don't stay babies for long and we watch them change before us in the blink of an eye! I have many days as I put them to bed at night and wonder if I have done enough with them that day! Did I read enough books with them? Did I tell them I love them enough? Did I give them enough healthy snacks? And the questions keep going!

But this is something I am learning myself so I want to share it with my fellow Momma's out there! 
You are doing amazing! You are a good mom! Your kiddos are well taken care of and they see how much you love them! The effort you put into them and the love you show them is amazing! 
Sometimes we criticize ourselves more than we should! We are the best at looking at other mom's and trying to be more like them! We think we have to get it all together just like they are!
Yet we forget those Facebook photos are taken so that you don't see the load of laundry on the couch, there is a filter added so you don't see the dark circles under eyes, and she may feel just like you most days! As they say "The grass is always greener on the other side!" We cannot compare our story with the next mom! We each struggle with something and each feel like the other mom is doing better!

I want to suggest a change! Let's work to encourage other mothers around us! Something as simple as a comment on their photo on Facebook telling them something encouraging, sending them a message or a text! Whatever it may be, let's rally to encourage those moms!
The more we step out and build other mothers up, the Momma community is blessed more!

To the Momma's out there who read this, You are amazing and are doing a great job!

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Friday, January 19, 2018

I have always been a big fan of accent wall's in the living room! I finally got one up in my living room and I love it! I wanted to share it with everyone! Hope this inspires you!

I love the floating box shelves! My Father in Law found these for me! They are older and have so much character to them! My husband and my Dad put them up on the wall for me! 

So this used to be centered with my couch, since this was put up we have moved the couch so it is now just centered with the room! I love that this is versatile no matter where my furniture is!

I collect Willow Tree Figures so this has been a great way for me to display them!

These where my husbands great grandmothers! I love them!

I also made a shelf with a picture from our wedding,unity candle and my flowers!

 We will be moving in about a month and I am excited to set it up in the new house!

I would love to do more posts of decorating and organizing in the home! What rooms would you like to see me post about? Leave me a comment!

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Cooking On The Grill!

Here in East Texas, we have hit the 90-degree mark for 2 days! If that does not feel like summer then I am not sure what does! When it...